Roll over, Tchaikovsky!: Russian popular music and post-soviet homosexuality

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Centered on the musical experiences of homosexual men in St. Petersburg and Moscow, this ground-breaking study examines how post-Soviet popular music both informs and plays off of a corporeal understanding of Russian male homosexuality.Drawing upon ethnography, musical analysis, and phenomenological theory, Stephen Amico offers an expert technical analysis of Russian rock, pop, and estrada music, […]

Legitimating Local Music: Volksmuziek, Hip-Hop/Rap and Dance Music in Dutch Elite Newspapers

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This study examines the legitimation of local music. Critics from peripheral countries such as the Netherlands tend to focus on foreign music products. However, the rising popularity among omnivorous’ audiences and increased production of Dutch music, together with the competition in the Dutch media landscape for readers, might lead Dutch elite newspapers to increase their […]

Parental socialization and the consumption of domestic films, books and music

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By innovatively combining insights from research on cultural consumption, socialization and nationalism, this study is one of the first empirical studies to shed more light on role of parental socialization in domestic and foreign cultural consumption of films, books and music. Similar to previous studies on parental socialization of highbrow and lowbrow cultural consumption, parents’ […]

Making a scene: exploring the dimensions of place through Dutch popular music, 1960–2010

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This paper applies a multi-layered conceptualisation of place to the analysis of particular music scenes in the Netherlands, 1960–2010. We focus on: the clustering of music-related activities in locations; the delineation of spatially tied music scenes, based on a shared identity, reproduced over time through music practices and memory work; and the scale of interconnections […]

Staging jazz pasts within commercial European jazz festivals: The case of the North Sea Jazz Festival

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This article examines the North Sea Jazz Festival in order to highlight the growing influence of both ‘convergence culture’ (Jenkins) and prevailing jazz mythologies upon the reception and organization of contemporary European jazz festivals. In particular, the European jazz festival is examined within the context of increasing commercialization and digital mediation of the live music […]

Transposing Brazilian Carnival: Religion, Cultural Heritage, and Secularism in Rio de Janeiro

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This article discusses the rise of evangelical carnival parades in Rio de Janeiro in relation to spectacular carnival parades that feature Afro-Brazilian religious elements. The article exposes divergent intersections of religion and cultural heritage in Brazilian carnival. The first intersection aims to affirm the intrinsic connection between samba enredo carnival music and Afro-Brazilian religion by […]

Musicscape Groningen – Live!

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Het project ‘Musicscape Groningen – Live!’ is onderdeel van een onderzoek dat licht wil werpen op de variëteit aan luistergedrag bij hedendaagse individuele luisteraars, teneinde een bijdrage te leveren aan een beter zicht op het toekomstige publiek van de studenten van het Prins Claus Conservatorium van de Hanzehogeschool Groningen. Het onderzoek is voornamelijk kwalitatief van […]

Musical parameters in the playlist of a Dutch Crematorium

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In cremation rituals in the Netherlands, music plays an important role. However, what exactly this role is remains unclear. In the literature on cremation rituals, music has received little attention up to now. A computational analysis of music played during cremations and a subsequent comparison of the results of this analysis with results of the […]