The politics of the Digital Single Market: culture vs. competition vs. copyright

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This paper examines the implications for European music culture of the European Union’s (EU) Digital Single Market strategy. It focuses on the regulatory framework being created for the management of copyright policy, and in particular the role played by collective management organisations (CMOs or collecting societies). One of the many new opportunities created by digitalisation […]

Nothing personal: algorithmic individuation on music streaming platforms

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Raymond Williams once wrote, … there are in fact no masses, but only ways of seeing people as masses’. In an age of personalized media, the word masses’ seems like an anachronism. Nevertheless, if Williams were to study contemporary online platforms, he would no doubt conclude that there are in fact no individuals, but only […]

A study in real traffic examining glance behaviour of teenage cyclists when listening to music: Results and ethical considerations

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Listening to music while cycling impairs cyclists’ auditory perception and may decrease their awareness of approaching vehicles. If the impaired auditory perception is not compensated by the cyclist himself or other road users involved, crashes may occur. The first aim of this study was to investigate in real traffic whether teenage cyclists (aged 16-18) compensate […]

Combating Prerelease Piracy: Modeling the Effects of Antipiracy Measures in P2P Networks

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The short period right after the release of a song is typically associated with extensive publicity and the highest sales. However, these songs are often found well before the official release date on peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. Not surprisingly, the industry considers this so-called “prerelease” piracy to be extremely damaging to the potential sales of a […]

Elvis Is Returning to the Building: Understanding a Decline in Unauthorized File Sharing

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A set of representative consumer surveys shows that in the Netherlands unauthorized file sharing of music has declined substantially between 2008 and 2012. It decreased slightly for games, but almost doubled for films and TV series. Overall, file sharing dropped from 38% to 27% of the population. The empirical evidence presented supports the hypothesis that […]

Pirate cosmopolitics and the transnational consciousness of the entertainment industry

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As cultural texts, music and movies generate transnational publics united by shared identities and tastes. As objects of economic value, they fall under the juridical protection of global intellectual property institutions. These institutions aspire to produce their own version of a global citizen qua the responsible consumer. This paper argues that illegal copying and distribution […]

There Is Broad Consensus: Media Researchers Agree That Violent Media Increase Aggression in Children, and Pediatricians and Parents Concur

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News reports and even some researchers suggest that there is no consensus on the basic question of whether violent media increase aggression in children. The purpose of this study was to test whether media researchers are in fact divided on this issue, and to compare the opinions of researchers with those of pediatricians and parents. […]

Mobile phone conversations, listening to music and quiet (electric) cars: Are traffic sounds important for safe cycling?

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Listening to music or talking on the phone while cycling as well as the growing number of quiet (electric) cars on the road can make the use of auditory cues challenging for cyclists. The present study examined to what extent and in which traffic situations traffic sounds are important for safe cycling. Furthermore, the study […]

Navigating the margins between consent and dissent: Mechanisms of creative control and rock music in late socialist Romania

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This study seeks to delineate the highly convoluted relationship between (rock) musicians and the state in late socialist Romania (1975–1985). By investigating extensive archival files originating from the Securitate records, Agitprop branches, and the ideological committees of the Romanian Communist Party, we examine how the Romanian regime employed its mechanisms of creative control and how […]

Traffic Sounds and Cycling Safety: The Use of Electronic Devices by Cyclists and the Quietness of Hybrid and Electric Cars

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The growing popularity of electric devices and the increasing number of hybrid and electric cars have recently raised concerns about the use of auditory signals by vulnerable road users. This paper consolidates current knowledge about the two trends in relation to cycling safety. Both a literature review and a crash data analysis were carried out. […]